April 19th, 2012

I am feeling more rested today! Yipee! The bedtime worked! Today I was teaching my students about how we move our bodies- we use our joints! I demonstrated how we would move if we didn’t have joints (walking stiff & straight) which made them laugh. I gave my students examples of all 4 joints (gliding, hinge, ball and socket, and pivot). I then passed out response cards for each student. I would give students an example of a joint and they would raise their response card. This method worked very well.

Afterwards the students began working on a self-portrait. On their self-portrait they would circle joints on their body. I left the instructions a little open because some of my students have a lot of difficulty with writing. They will have to continue working on their portrait later today because we didn’t finish. I was amazed today when I took my students to art. They were WONDERFUL in the hallway! They are usually good but wow, this was another level of good. The kings and queens game has worked wonders! I will have to find other hallway games.

Happy Thursday!

Ms. Schmidt 🙂

Joint Response Card Pictures


Long Bones

April 18th, 2012

My lesson about long bones went seemingly well today. It was a lot of instruction for the activity I used. I modeled this for students before beginning. Students were to predict how long their leg is (in centimeters) and then measure how long it actually is. I actually let them use string to help them measure the length. They would hold the string and hold it up to their leg & cut it. Using the string worked well for students. Then students did the same thing for their stride. After measuring and predicting the students compared the two strings. They should have been similar in size. Your stride should be the same as your leg.

Next time I would focus on predicting or measuring, not both. Some students didn’t understand the concept of predicting. Some students also needed help measuring with a ruler. A math lesson may be needed before teaching this lesson that highlights the math concepts used. It is Wednesday and I feel so worn out! When is the weekend?!? After rereading this entry I feel like it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Wow I really am tired! I am setting a bedtime for myself tonight!

A sleepy & exhausted,

Ms. Schmidt 🙂

Long Bone Estimation Worksheet


April 17th, 2012

Today I taught a lesson about skulls. The main idea of the lesson was to teach my students ways to keep their skulls safe. I had students group together and talk about discussion points I had given them. They worked very well in groups and had interesting answers. Then we created posters advising others to keep their skulls safe. I am really excited to see the final product, since they look nice thus far!

My supervisor came in to observe me during this lesson. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I had thought. My voice trembled a TINY bit and I stumbled over my words once or twice, but it all worked out fine 🙂 At recess one of my students gave me a huge handful of dandelions. She had rubbed them so close to her nose that she and a dandelion mustache. I had never seen a dandelion mustache before today! 🙂

A great day,

Ms. Schmidt

Skull Discussion Questions

Some examples of posters my kids created! 🙂 They were all very unique!

I also created a bulletin board to display their work. (Well there wasn’t a bulletin board I could use, so I used a bare wall. It’s just as good). I was pleased with my results 🙂