Creating our Products- Cereal Creations

May 1st, 2012

Today my students worked in their groups to create their products. They were so excited for social studies today. They kept asking during math when social studies started. (Makes me feel good 🙂 ).  We talked about the process we were going through of creating a product. We discussed assembly lines and how they assist when creating something.

My students had a little difficulty getting started right away, but they ended up getting a lot of work done. I LOVED watching them work on their projects. They were completely entranced with working and it was rather difficult to pull them away at the end of the period. The only difficulties I had with this lesson were handling materials. There are a LOT of materials involved (paper, glue, scissors, tape, etc). So I would suggest planning ahead and having materials ready in buckets or bins. I am very happy I pushed my students to plan ahead during the past lesson because it showed when they were working today. They knew what to do when they began working today, so their planning helped them in the end. If I were to teach this lesson again I would like it to be during a period with a longer amount of time. I was only able to teach this lesson in a 35 minute period. Unfortunately I could not have a larger period, nor could I make it last over two days. I feel that my students’ work would be much more complete looking had I been able to give them more time.

Overall it was a great lesson! I enjoyed watching them be imaginative and creative! 🙂

Check out some of our creations!

We did a great job working in groups! 🙂


Our final products! From left to right: Crunchy Crab Cereal, Trix Rice Lucky Reese’s Cereal, Fruit Pops, Mint Poptarts, and Grape Grams. 🙂