Ms.Schmidt’s Third Grade Experiences

This spring was the busiest semester I have ever had at IUP. Not only were my classes very intensive, but I also had my second pre-student teaching experience during the last month. I was placed in a wonderful third grade classroom about 30 minutes away from IUP.

I visited five Fridays in a row before staying in the classroom full-time to teach. During these Friday visitations I taught one lesson and observed/helped out during the rest of the day. Once attending the school fulltime I began teaching two lessons every single day. I taught a science unit on support systems followed by a social studies unit on economics. I also taught a short spelling lesson every day.

During my time in this classroom I kept a journal recording daily happenings and my reflections on my lessons. It was nice to write down my thoughts immediately after teaching my lessons, often stating what worked really well and what could be altered for the next time around.

Please check out my entries! I truly feel like I have grown from this experience 🙂

Science Unit Entries  | Social Studies Unit Entries


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