Posters Galore!


Hello there!

I happened to be searching through my computer when I found some pictures of posters I created for my future classroom! I thought I would share. Some of these ideas I found on pinterest, inside actual classrooms, or in teaching magazines. Gotta love sharing the love when it comes to things like this- and by that I mean- sharing ideas and resources!



Found this idea in a teaching magazine and made it my own! 🙂


I saw this idea online somewhere. I LOVE IT. I have used it since the day I found it with my students from junior block and for substituting. It’s great to use throughout the classroom setting, but especially during testing. This way you’ll never have to feel bad again for that kid who is done and just waiting for you to collect their test- or the kid who has to go to the bathroom ASAP!


Throw worn out words ‘write’ in the trash! I saw this in a magazine and thought it was cute! Great for a writing center. The only downfall of this one is that I made it on poster board. It was so difficult to get it laminated and it is incredibly heavy! Don’t recommend the poster + laminate method.




If I get a younger grade and teach about the ball of all!


And here we begin learning about verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Here we have VERB MAN!


Nancy noun reminds me of an older version of Mrs. Frizzle. Hehe.


And finally, Allyson adjective! This series was fun to draw!

Well that’s about all the pictures I had in this folder.

Hope you all enjoy!

Ms. Schmidt 🙂




Well hello there! Long time no blog.

Let me give you a little update on my teaching journey, since it has been so long since I have visited this place!



This past fall I completed my last semester of classes as an undergrad! I enjoyed my classes and I VERY much enjoyed taking my last finals ever! I had a nice relaxing semester with fewer credits. Fencing took up most of the semester and I earned an E rating in foil (my weapon). To non-fencers this doesn’t mean much, but it’s what I’ve been working towards for the past 4 years at school! 🙂



Currently I am on an extremely long winter break (6 weeks). [Do they actually want us to graduate? Man it’s so long! Haha] So far I have substituted, worked on job applications, cover letters, surfed around for teaching ideas, and took the RVE! I get my test scores in a week or so. Here’s to hoping I pass, since this will be the last VA Cert test I need to take!!!  *fingers crossed*



I received my student teaching placements for the spring a few days before leaving for winter break. I will have a placement in regular ed and special ed since I will have dual certifications.  I have been placed at a lovely school about 20 minutes away from my university. I had the pleasure of visiting my school and cooperating teachers before break and I could not be more thrilled! The school, faculty, kids, and my cooperating teachers are just wonderful. My first placement is in learning support for 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. I am extremely excited about being in the upper grades for this placement. My second placement is in a 2nd grade classroom!  I haven’t done a lot of work with second grade yet, so I am extremely excited for this opportunity.


Overall, I am just thrilled that I am almost there! Graduation is now actually in sight and written in my planner. I would like to try to update my website/blog every day with daily posts, however this may not be possible. I will shoot to update twice a week with ideas, thoughts, etc on my teaching and practice.  I never got around to typing up all of my teaching entries from my junior block. I admit, I got a little lazy at the end of it with writing entries. (Life got a little busier too, as it always does).


Here’s to an exciting Spring and last semester at IUP!


Ms. Schmidt

Senior Year!

Hello all!

I am back at school for my LAST year here at IUP! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by and I cannot believe that I am a senior! It is the first week of classes and I am really enjoying the courses I’m taking this semester. I am taking a methods math course, methods for students with severe disabilities course, a course about explicit instruction and struggling readers, a class about families and exceptionality, and a school law class. Phew! I am not going into the schools this fall, however I will be student teaching in the spring!

(So excited for it!) I know student teaching will be a lot of work, but regardless and I very much looking forward to it! I also can’t help but think that this time next year I will have my very own classroom! (Fingers crossed!)

I know that I want to keep track of my student teaching experiences on this blog/website. I had originally just posted about the different lessons I taught, but I have decided to keep them all together in one place on the site. On the sidebar on the homepage there is a section that says ‘Journal Entries’. I will create a category underneath for my student teaching experiences. I like seeing all of my entries in one place and feel that I can see how much I have grown as a teacher! I will still post about my different experiences as well, but I will have one main place where I keep everything together.

Here’s to a great year! 🙂


Ms. Schmidt 🙂

When our bones & muscles don’t work

April 24th, 2012

Today my lesson was about what happens when bones and muscles don’t work. I was really excited when planning this lesson because I wanted to integrate social studies standards about accepting others. I felt that this was a topic that could possibly open students’ eyes and change their perspectives about people with disabilities.

The students completed a set of tasks using all of their fingers and then completed the same tasks without using their thumb. Granted this in no way shows the complexity of what it is like to have a physical disability, but it can at least allow students to understand how their life might be altered. The students worked very well on this assignment. I was proud of a lot of my students because they worked very well in their groups. At the end of the lesson we talked about the difficulty level of the tasks. Some of the tasks were: holding a pencil, writing their name, picking up a piece of paper, holding a cup, etc. Students said they had the most difficulty with writing their name. We discussed how their life might be different if they had a physical disability, such as not having all of their fingers.

The key point I wanted my students to take from this lesson is that people with disabilities are able to do a lot of things! I wanted to rid my students of their misconceptions that people with physical limitations are helpless. Instead we talked about how we have to be imaginative and creative to come up with solutions or different ways to do things. (Ex: Using a cup with a handle, using a pencil with a better grip, etc). At the end of the lesson my students were able to realize that yes some of the tasks were more difficult than others, but they were still able to complete all of the tasks.

I wish I could have added in more examples of how people overcome their disabilities. I could have had examples of different sports starts and how they overcome their challenges. 🙂

A good day,

Ms. Schmidt 🙂

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