Quiet Jenga

The other day on Pinterest I came across a neat pin about creating a quiet jenga game for the classroom. It’s an easy DIY, so I decided to make one! I ran over to the dollar store and got a few packs of sponges. I measured them and cut them according to size. And VOLIA! The Quiet Jenga Game. The only downfall is that the pieces are harder to move, however it does make for the game to be slightly harder. Here is a picture. 🙂


You can NEVER have too many books!

Dreams can tell you a lot about yourself. Sometimes they can tell you about your fears or worries. They can tell you what is on your mind whether you’re conscious of it or not. When we come across those particularly odd dreams, we often ask “What does this mean?”  Well- what does it mean when you begin dreaming about children’s books? Yes, this happened to me yesterday. I was dreaming and suddenly I was in a used bookstore. Caldecott award-winning books were only 25 cents. Other great classics were only 50 cents. Ecstatic can’t even begin to describe my state of elation. A cart couldn’t hold all of the literature I longed to purchase.

I woke up and had the extreme urge to go to a used bookstore and spend every dime in my wallet on my future classroom library. I also wondered…what does this mean? My conclusion? I truly am a future elementary school teacher, a very excited one at that. Or I am just addicted to buying children’s books. Who dreams about buying cheap books? Me.


In my one education class we were assigned a project. Our job is to pick a culture that we are unfamiliar with or one that we are very interested in and research it! Since I am currently taking Korean I and am increasingly interested in Korean culture, I think this would be the perfect culture for me to research! We are to learn about the culture’s language, values, customs and think about the accommodations a child from this culture might need in our classroom.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of the CultureGram textbooks – they are wonderful! Each book focuses on an area in the world and gives information on all of the countries in that given area. Information is given about the history of the country, the language, the people, the traditions, and much more. I know I am definitely using this book for this assignment!

I feel that these books will prove to be extra helpful when I begin teaching. (Especially if I have a student who has recently moved to the States from a foreign country!)

I bought the books from Amazon. The newest versions are a bit pricy. I have the older editions and they have suited me just fine! (Buy them used!)

Here is the link to the CultureGram website:

CultureGram  | Amazon


Hello and welcome to my website!

The purpose of this website is to track my personal growth on my journey to becoming a teacher. It will be used to act as a supplement to my portfolio. Unfortunately, portfolios are very hard to individualize. Here is where I would like others to see my personality, my experiences, and my ideas for my future classroom! Please take a look around and I hope you enjoy what you see!

The title of my website “I’d rather color outside the lines” could be seen as a strange title. (Let me explain). As a child I was never one to just color inside the lines. I had too many ideas! I wanted to draw all over the place. As a future teacher I want my students to know that it’s okay to color outside the lines. There is nothing wrong with being different, experimenting, and taking risks! I want my future students to be themselves, be creative, and celebrate who they are!

PeterpanI definitely added more to this Peterpan picture. I am in college and yes I have a coloring book handy. In class last year my professor showed us anti-coloring pages. They were interesting in the sense that it was up to the child what they created. It promoted their creativity much more than regular coloring pages! Attached is a link to the website.

Anti-Coloring Books