Ways to Spell Ms. Schmidt

 May 4th, 2012

Today the bonus word for the spelling test was Ms. Schmidt. My students had to spell my name. No one was able to spell it correctly, however there were some very interesting spellings I must share with you:

Ways to Spell Ms. Schmidt

Ms. Shmidt

Miss Smidt

Mis. Shmit

Mss. Smich

Miss. Smith

Miss. Shimdt

Ms. S

Ms. Shmaichet

Ms. Samted

Miss. Smeat

Mis. Shmet

Miss. Shmitt

Mss. Shmit

Ms. Shmit

Grading these tests was EXTREMELY entertaining. I especially liked the student who put Ms. S because this is what some students call me by who have difficulty saying my last name. I also like Smith, Smeat, and Samted haha. 🙂 I can’t make fun though because I would probably have a lot of difficulty spelling their last names too!


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