Posters Galore!


Hello there!

I happened to be searching through my computer when I found some pictures of posters I created for my future classroom! I thought I would share. Some of these ideas I found on pinterest, inside actual classrooms, or in teaching magazines. Gotta love sharing the love when it comes to things like this- and by that I mean- sharing ideas and resources!



Found this idea in a teaching magazine and made it my own! šŸ™‚


I saw this idea online somewhere. I LOVE IT. I have used it since the day I found it with my students from junior block and for substituting. It’s great to use throughout the classroom setting, but especially during testing. This way you’ll never have to feel bad again for that kid who is done and just waiting for you to collect their test- or the kid who has to go to the bathroom ASAP!


Throw worn out words ‘write’ in the trash! I saw this in a magazine and thought it was cute! Great for a writing center. The only downfall of this one is that I made it on poster board. It was so difficult to get it laminated and it is incredibly heavy! Don’t recommend the poster + laminate method.




If I get a younger grade and teach about the ball of all!


And here we begin learning about verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Here we have VERB MAN!


Nancy noun reminds me of an older version of Mrs. Frizzle. Hehe.


And finally, Allyson adjective! This series was fun to draw!

Well that’s about all the pictures I had in this folder.

Hope you all enjoy!

Ms. Schmidt šŸ™‚



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