Senior Year!

Hello all!

I am back at school for my LAST year here at IUP! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by and I cannot believe that I am a senior! It is the first week of classes and I am really enjoying the courses I’m taking this semester. I am taking a methods math course, methods for students with severe disabilities course, a course about explicit instruction and struggling readers, a class about families and exceptionality, and a school law class. Phew! I am not going into the schools this fall, however I will be student teaching in the spring!

(So excited for it!) I know student teaching will be a lot of work, but regardless and I very much looking forward to it! I also can’t help but think that this time next year I will have my very own classroom! (Fingers crossed!)

I know that I want to keep track of my student teaching experiences on this blog/website. I had originally just posted about the different lessons I taught, but I have decided to keep them all together in one place on the site. On the sidebar on the homepage there is a section that says ‘Journal Entries’. I will create a category underneath for my student teaching experiences. I like seeing all of my entries in one place and feel that I can see how much I have grown as a teacher! I will still post about my different experiences as well, but I will have one main place where I keep everything together.

Here’s to a great year! 🙂


Ms. Schmidt 🙂


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